Due to Facebook Jobs functions being temporarily unavailable, we can no longer take applications through our Facebook page. For the time being, please send applications through our web contact forms.

We believe children need a healthy emotional foundation to help them develop into well-adjusted young adults – capable of whatever they put their minds to. We also believe using attachment theory to connect with and understand the children is the best way to establish that foundation.

We recognise that in order to achieve this we need the most talented, innovative and committed people to join us.

However, caring isn’t the only work that goes into helping these children; we may also need things such as dedicated drivers for school runs, or people to assist with DIY and caretaking of the homes themselves.

Being part of this broad team has responsibilities; we want everyone, no matter their role, to bring their best self to work every day, to engage with the day to day challenges positively and to be supportive of and trust in each other.

Please take a look at our vacancies to see if anything is relevant to you

If you feel you have something to offer our children, but there is no suitable vacancy, please drop us a message through this form. We’ll keep you in mind for when something becomes available; if you’re suggesting something new for us to do, we will consider it