FAST ESSEX – Self Harm / First Aid Training

FAST ESSEX – Self Harm / First Aid Training

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Yesterday we held a training day for some of our carers featuring the wonderful Faye, from FAST ESSEX. She created a custom package especially for us, covering topics such as the mental health issues behind self-harm and the first-aid training necessary to deal with incidents of self-harm.

It’s regrettable that some of the children that come to us are in a position where they feel hurting themselves is the only way to get their needs met, or that their self-worth is so low they are deserving of such punishment. No child should have to feel that way.

Thanks to Faye, our staff can better appreciate the stresses our young people feel that cause them to want to hurt themselves. They can identify and work to reduce stressors, and also feel confident that they can handle injuries if and when they occur.

Thank you very much Faye and FAST ESSEX!

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